Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sega's top-secret Project 575 is for the Vita, but what is it?

Famitsu is reporting that Sega's Project 575 is a Vita title, coming in 2014 and also available for iOS - in a modified form. The translated text seems to suggest it is some sort of song creator program, more news as it becomes slightly less opaque, Sega has a Nico launch event later today. With talk of haikus and singing, it could be rather arty, based on the teaser videos.

UPDATE: Getting some sensible versions of that now, Sega's event has concluded. Gematsu reckons the game is actually called Song Builder 575, "In the game, lyrics flow on the screen while the main characters dance and sing. As the lyrics pass, there are blanks for players to fill in by choosing words that seem to fit. Because it uses Vocaloid, the game sings it in real-time no matter the word you pick. Players can enjoy the game however they like, find the best combinations, or just use words they like to make the song original." And here's a new trailer...

Now all we need is that secret Capcom game or the Namco Ace Combat title to be for the Vita and it'll be a pretty smashing week.

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