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Monday, January 28, 2013

Japanese Vita and PSP game sales in 2012

Its a pretty sorry tale, but here's Famitsu's numbers for the Vita games among the 100 best sellers last year. One the plus side, the PSP is doing a sterling job with 15 games in the list. However, its not all bad news, most 3DS games in the list sell only 200-300,000 so there's no specific advantage over developing a 3DS version only, perhaps we'll see more cross-platform releases this year.

Also, quite a few of those PSP games have Vita cousins, if the next version moves up to Vita only, there's a reasonable fan base behind most of those games. So, there's some reason to be optimistic in 2013, not a huge amount, but some! Finally, Media Create is considered the official chart, and their numbers are (supposed) to be a bit more accurate and are generally higher, so you could add a few thousand more to each game if it'll make you feel better.

PS Vita

42 Persona 4 Golden 229,000
53 Hatsune Miku 200,000
     Gravity Rush 80,000 (outside top 100)


28 Super Robot Wars Z 2nd 320,000
35 SG Gundam G Generation Overworld 254,000
47 One Piece Romance Dawn 217,000 (and only released in December)
60 Monster Hunter Freedom 3 175,000
61 Yakuza Black Panther 2 175,000
67 AKB1/147 166,000
70 Shining Blade 161,000
72 Pro Spirits Baseball 2012 155,000
73 Little Battlers W 155,000
74 Digimon World 153,000
86 Idolmaster 124,000
87 Tales of Heroe: Twin Braves 118,000
90 Naruta no Kiseki 112,000
91 Super Robot Wars OG 110,000
94 Gourmet Survival 108,000

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