Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunflowers hitting PS Vita this week

Game Atelier launches the brightest looking Vita game yet with Sunflowers out this week on (I'm assuming the EU) PSN which, alongside the free Ecolibrium, makes this week a pretty good one. The deceptively simple looking flower raising game should be a perfect reminder of summer, if you had one, as winter draws on.

It will be available as a trial version and plays with the Vita held upright. More information on the game here. Hopefully the price will be similar to the iOS version which releases around the same time, and not some Plants vs. Zombies-like overpricing madness.

UPDATE: The price is a lovely €2.99 for two worlds and 330 flowers, guess there will be some DLC too. Also, a US PSN release will be announced soon.

Game Atelier brought Flying Hamster to the PSP as a mini and its next game, Gauge, will be for iOS, hopefully if Sunflowers does well on Vita, the team will continue to support it.


  1. Looks fun :)

    Interesting to see the first Vita game to use portrait orientation.
    Can't see it on the Aus store yet but I'll have to check it out.


  2. Zen Pinball 2 also uses vertical mode as an option, but this is the first portrait-only game I can think of, unless there are some old-school Japanese shooters out there.

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot about that!
    And the gem-matching Montezuma has an orientation too.
    Cheers for the heads up, I might have to go check out zen pinball too :)