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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A few requests for PS Vita firmware 1.90

While I'm expecting sex-on-the-beach from firmware 2.0, Sony can have a little well-earned rest after the travails of getting 1.80 out to us. However, in between there should be a little 1.90 step up. And I'd like to make a couple of requests.

PSN download history list sort function: My list goes back to 2007, it is rather hard to find things in that long list, exacerbated by the Vita's silly costly memory card limitation and poor PC back up experience. So, its quicker just to re-download old stuff, if I can find it. Therefore, please add a sort function this list by format (PS One, PSP, PS3, Vita) and type (demo, game, DLC, other).

While Sony is at it, I have some games with dozens of bits of DLC (MotorStorm for example), so a Super Download All button would be really helpful.

A new start up sequence: I was really disappointed when I turned my Vita on for the first time. How dismal compared to PS1, PS2 and PSP it looked, and it'll never make it into those cool YouTube greatest start up lists.

When I turn it on from cold, I'd like a snazzy animation and couple of symphonic bars to remind me I'm in the world of PlayStation. It doesn't need to do it every time I hit the power button, just those odd total restarts. Also, I don't have epilepsy, so I'd like to turn that warning off please!

Those are my small ideas, but, what would you like to see in a monstrous 2.0 update?

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