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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Need for Speed Vita box art revs past

A trawl through Amazon just showed up some PS Vita artwork for Need For Speed Most Wanted. Pretty much the first solid proof of the Vita version's existence. Threre's some of the neat renders along with it on the page, but no Vita specific shots.

Buried in the text though, is this nugget. "Vita Exclusive Features - Navigate and play Vita specific events and challenges with fully enabled front and rear Touch Pads. Use the Front Camera to take your Autolog profile picture or the built in Microphone to chat with friends online."

You can pre-order the game at £34.99 or for £37.99 on PS3 here:


  1. so.. i would have to pay twice for the game if i wanted to play most wanted on the ps3 and if wanted to continue playing while i am somewhere else i would able to continue my save file from the ps3? yes? no? if no, i guess the vita version will be doomed. who would want to play such a racer on the mini-screen of the vity only? even if it worked to play ps3-titles on the go.. this would be the wrong approach in pricing. if i already bought the ps3 version the vita version should either be free or maybe 10$ max.

  2. @Myx, since it doesn't say cross-play or cross-save I guess they will be two distinct games. Maybe Criterion will add the feature later in development, but I can't see EA offering the game dirt cheap, perhaps there might be a bundle offer though.